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The timeless call of the sea has captivated humans for thousands of years with its rhythmic waves, its sea spray scent, the song of the gulls, the shells, the translucent sea glass, the shifting sand dunes all drawing us closer to a state of enchantment.

We aspire to touch the hearts of sea lovers everywhere with our beach-inspired fashion line; our jewelry and accessories. We travel worldwide – as far as Thailand and Monaco – to find the very best products to include in our very special collections. We understand that our customers are deeply connected to the sea, but we also understand that they are fundamentally earthbound as well and that personal health, nutrition and the future of our planet are equally important in their lives.

If you love everything about a beach lifestyle, you will love SoBohoCo! Our jewelry is crafted by skilled artisans; our home accessories bring the seaside experience into your home; and the purity and high-quality of our hair and skincare products are guaranteed to delight your senses and improve your health in an environmentally-respectful way.